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Course Hours Fees Details
VB.NET Course 18 5,000 INR
  • Concepts
  • Procedures
  • Overloading
  • Multithreading
  • Databases
  • Assemblies
  • Winforms
  • Printing reports
Python Certification Course 30 12,000 INR
  • Python 3.x language and syntax
  • Object-Oriented Programming in Python
  • Writing Idiomatic Python
  • Command Line Interface
  • Data stores: sql and nosql, text and non-text files
  • PyCharm and VSCode, plus Jupyter Notebooks
  • Design patterns, errors/exceptions, ‘pythonic’
  • Best/common practices
Become a Java developer 40 12,000 INR
  •  Object Oriented principle
  • Using a switch statement
  • Implementing inheritance
  • Defining the scope of variables
  • Creating methods with arguments
  • Reading and writing to object fields
  • Creating executable Java applications with a main method
Big data 48 20,000 INR
  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Storing Big Data
  • Processing Big Data
  • Tools and Techniques to Analyse Big Data
  • Developing a Big Data Strategy
  • Implementing a Big Data Solution
C# Training Course 15 5,000 INR
  • Create, compile, debug, deploy and run C# programs
  • Write and understand C# language constructs, syntax, and semantics
  • Develop applications using the object-oriented concepts of encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism
  • Produce solid programs using industry-recognized multilayer architectures
Mobile Development 32 30,000 INR
  • – learn to build responsive and robust mobile applications using the most in-demand programming languages for Android and IOS including Java
  • – Gain skills in responsive web design, enterprise integration, and learn to implement mobile data security best practices, C# and Swift
C++ Course 40 10,000 INR
  • Describe the core syntax and features of C#.
  • Create and call methods, catch and handle exceptions, and describe the monitoring requirements of large-scale applications.
  • Implement the basic structure and essential elements of a typical desktop application.
  • Create classes, define and implement interfaces, and create and use generic collections.
  • Use inheritance to create a class hierarchy, extend a .NET Framework class, and create generic classes and methods.
  • Read and write data by using file input/output and streams, and serialize and deserialize data in different formats.
  • Create and use an entity data model for accessing a database and use LINQ to query and update data.
  • Use the types in the System.Net namespace and WCF Data Services to access and query remote data.
  • Build a graphical user interface by using XAML.
  • Improve the throughput and response time of applications by using tasks and asynchronous operations.
  • Integrate unmanaged libraries and dynamic components into a C# application.
  • Examine the metadata of types by using reflection, create and use custom attributes, generate code at runtime, and manage assembly versions.
  • Encrypt and decrypt data by using symmetric and asymmetric encryption.
Cyber Security 40 30,000 INR
  • Implement and test secure web applications in your organisation
  • Identify, diagnose, and remediate the OWASP top ten web application security risks
  • Configure a web server to encrypt web traffic with HTTPS
  • Protect Ajax-powered applications and prevent JSON data theft
  • Secure XML web services with WS-Security
PL SQL Training 15 8,000 INR
  • Develop efficient PL/SQL programs to access Oracle databases
  • Create stored procedures and functions for reuse and maintenance
  • Design modular applications using packages
  • Manage data retrieval for front-end applications
  • Invoke native dynamic SQL to develop high-level abstract code
HTML Course 8 3,000 INR
  • Develop web pages using HTML5 and CSS
  • Display page content in tables or lists
  • Enhance pages with images and links to other documents
  • Style content with CSS
Introduction to .NET programming 8 5,000 INR
  • Demonstrate the fundamental aspects of modern computer programming
  • Design and implement .NET web and Windows applications
  • Write object-oriented logic using C# and Visual Basic (classes and libraries)
  • Leverage Visual Studio for code generation, user interface design, testing, and debugging
  • Build SQL Server databases and access them using the Entity Framework (EF)
DevOps 40 30,000 INR
  • Explore principles and practises including CI, CD, testing, security and the Three Ways
  • Align DevOps with other frameworks like Agile, Lean and ITSM
  • Optimise improved work flows, communication and feedback loops
  • Identify automation practises including deployment pipelines and DevOps toolchains
  • Understand critical success factors and key performance indicators
  • Use real-world examples to understand ROI of DevOps initiative
  • Identify how best to scale DevOps for the enterprise
  • Achieve the DevOps Institute Foundation Certification
  • Architect systems for DevOps
  • Design a continuous delivery strategy
  • Implement the pipeline
  • Automate configuration and deployment
  • Identify what and how to monitor system telemetry
  • Apply continuous improvement
Jenkins Training 15 8,000 INR
  • How Jenkins works in depth
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • How to integrate Jenkins with Docker, Ansible, AWS, GIT, Email, Maven and more!
  • How to design and build your own Jobs with a bunch of tools
  • Orchestrate the most popular DevOps tools nowadays
Mule ESB 50 60,000 INR
  • Start to end coding and configuration in Mulesoft
  • Build a mule flow and develop API using API Led connectivity
  • Integrate multiple systems
Cloud Computing 32 25,000 INR
  • Exploit the benefits of the different cloud service models: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS
  • Leverage services provided by the major public cloud providers
  • Configure and provision resources on a private IaaS cloud
  • Apply tips and best practises when adopting the cloud
Microsoft Azure 60 62,000 INR
  • Query and manipulate data with Entity Framework
  • Use ASP.NET Web API to create HTTP-based services and consume them from .NET and non-.NET clients
  • Extend ASP.NET Web API services using message handlers, model binders, action filters, and media type formatters
  • Create SOAP-based services with the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and consume them from .NET clients
  • Apply design principles to service contracts and extend WCF services using custom runtime components and behaviours
  • Secure WCF services using transport and message security
  • Use Windows Azure Service Bus for relayed messaging and brokered messaging using queues and topics
  • Host services on on-premises servers, and on various Windows Azure environments, such as Web Roles, Worker Roles, and Web Sites
  • Deploy services to both on-premises servers and Windows Azure
  • Store and access data in Windows Azure Storage, and configure storage access rights
  • Monitor and log services, both on-premises and in Windows Azure
  • Implement federated authentication by using ACS with ASP.NET Web API services
  • Create scalable, load-balanced services
Microservices 40 32,000 INR
  • The Emergence of Microservices Architecture
  • Microservice Design Principles
  • Integrating Microservices
  • Microservice Technologies
  • Decomposing the Monolith
  • Deploying and Maintaining Microservices
Blockchain 24 40,000 INR
  • Understand Bitcoin and how it works
  • Understand the theory behind Blockchain
  • Create a Blockchain
  • Understand the theory behind Cryptocurrency’s
  • Understand the theory behind Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • Create their own currency
  • Understand the theory behind Smart Contracts
  • Create their own Smart Contracts
Internet Of Things (IoT) 40 35,000 INR
  • Plan an IoT implementation.
  • Construct and program an IoT device.
  • Communicate with an IoT device using wired and wireless connections.
  • Process sensor input and control an actuator on an IoT device.
  • Manage security, privacy, and safety risks on IoT projects.
  • Manage an IoT prototyping and development project throughout the development lifecycle.
Salesforce 50 50,000 INR
  • Salesforce Fundamentals
  • Data Modeling and Management
  • Organization Setup
  • User Setup
  • Security
  • Business Logic and Process Automation
  • Reporting
  • App Deployment
  • Desktop and Mobile Administration
  • Chatter
  • Sales Cloud Applications
  • Service Cloud Applications
  • Content and Folder Management
  • Activity Management
Machine Learning 32 25,000 INR
  • Translate business questions into Machine Learning problems to understand what your data is telling you
  • Explore and analyse data from the Web, Word Documents, Email, Twitter feeds, NoSQL stores, Relational Databases and more, for patterns and trends relevant to your business
  • Build Decision Tree, Logistic Regression and Naïve Bayes classifiers to make predictions about your customers’ future behaviours as well as other business critical events
  • Use K-Means and Hierarchical Clustering algorithms to more effectively segment your customer market or to discover outliers in your data
  • Discover hidden customer behaviours from Association Rules and Build Recommendation Engines based on behavioral patterns
  • Use biologically-inspired Neural Networks to learn from observational data as humans do
  • Investigate relationships and flows between people, computers and other connected entities using Social Network Analysis
Artificial Intelligence 32 25,000 INR
  • Build an AI
  • Understand the theory behind Artificial Intelligence
  • Make a virtual Self Driving Car
  • Make an AI to beat games
  • Solve Real World Problems with AI
  • Master the State of the Art AI models
  • Q-Learning
  • Deep Q-Learning
  • Deep Convolutional Q-Learning
  • A3C
Robotic process automation (RPA) 32 35,000 INR
  • What RPA is and the history of process automation
  • Why companies are taking a series interest in RPA
  • Personal and enterprise automation
  • The use of AI/Machine learning in RPA
  • An overview of RPA technologies
  • Understand the challenges & risks when implementing RPA
  • Know which RPA tools are most relevant
  • Envision a basic RPA implementation plan
  • Install UiPath Studio on WINDOWS (there is no Mac version)
  • Install packages for automating specific targets
  • Understand the UI & tool windows
  • Understand the most important RPA activity types
  • Understand how to add logic to software robots
  • Use “exception handling” to gracefully handle errors
  • Schedule robot execution using Orchestrator
Edge computing 24 35,000 INR
  • Overview of Edge Computing
  • Applications Scenarios of Edge Computing
  • Designing Security Solutions for Edge, Cloud, and IoT
  • Tools and Software for Edge Computing Applications
  • Research Challenges in Edge Computing

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